Only 65% of  French companies have a website. We have therefore made the choice to help you start (or continue) your digital transformation. We have the most commonly used resources in the field and a modern vision of the web.

To have a presence on the Internet (institutional website, showcase website) or sell your products online (e-commerce site), we offer the following solutions:

> Institutional & showcase website

The purpose of the showcase website is to offer visibility on the Internet through a few pages of information about a company and its products.

Nevertheless, it is an integral part of a strategy and it’s only one element among many.

The showcase website must, according to the defined objectives, be accompanied by a strategy for acquiring targeted traffic.

Küme supports you in your SEO strategy (SEO – SEA – SMO) for more performance. See our dedicated page here

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> E-Commerce website

Whether you are a pure player or looking to expand your business, the e-commerce website is the ultimate sales tool.

In 2017, the e-commerce market grew by 7% and remains in constant evolution.

Online sales are an opportunity for retailers to make their products available at any time but also to target customers in the neighbourhood, city, region or neighbouring country.

For more performance, see our page dedicated to SEO =) 

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