Social networks are the number one tool to create a real community around your business. Facebook, twitter, instagram, snapchat, whatsapp, messenger, youtube? These are all applications allowing you to be closer to your customers, but also to respond more effectively to their requests and above all to create commitment.

A US survey on behalf of « the manifest » recently shows that more than half of American adults open their social media app at least 10 times a day.


Would you like to have a personalized support to launch yourself on social media or outsource their management? We have the solution.

How do we operate?

> Defining the objectives:

Although, by definition, social networks are not sales tools, they can help you generate more traffic on your website (increase your incoming leads) but also increase your notoriety.

They are also ideal for improving your image and offering complementary services. Are you wondering how to use social media to increase your business? What can you accomplish by being on those socials networks? We suggest you to take stock of the possible solutions.

Your objectives on social networks must be clear and also be integrated with your company’s objectives for the year.


> Audience targetting:

As mentioned above, your customers are on social media. Küme is able to analyse social networks on which you must “invest” as a priority according where your community is the most present.

Facebook, for example, is the most “unifying” network with the largest population. It also offers the possibility of selling directly, which is significant. Instagram is the one with the highest rate of engagement with people or areas of interest. Youtube allows you to create tutorials for instance (and much more).


> Message

Being present and active on social media must be part of a thoughtful approach.

Every one of the existing social media should be managed independently of one another to make the most adapted speech to the targets: content, tailor-made offer, style, tone, frequency of publication…

Our agency offers you its expertise on social media strategy. After defining together the strategy to adopt, you can control your social networks or decide that Küme will take charge of their management in an operational way.

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