You recently choose to expend your growth and enter a new market. You don’t know which one and you are considering the French market?

Stop asking yourself!

France has the 6th biggest economy in the world! Now you understand the potential right? 😉


Who else than 3 French consultants with strong record in business development could help you enter the French market effectively?


Sales represent THE crucial element of your company. Your product might be the best on the market it must be supported by an adapted sales strategy. Furthermore a strategy adapted to the market!

Hence, as every strategical step you take you must measure the risks and establish the best strategy!


Your product might be the best seller in your country but a tiny mistake can turn your experience into a nightmare.


You need to meticulously adapt your product to the market. Meaning check all the parameter that could affect the sales. The following picture speaks louder than words :

The cheese brand “kiri” entered the Persian market without adapting its name. Actually “kiri” means “penis” extended to something “rubbish” in the Persian language (OMG! 😱 I know!) You can imagine how hard has been the kick of this brand in Iran!


As we just highlight there are many shifts to be skillfully negotiated while entering a new market :


Market entry strategy


The first step while entering a new market is defining precisely a strategy based on a strong knowledge of the local market.

We extremely recommend every single company willing to enter a new market to go there to understand it.

At Küme, we give you an entire support on realizing the market analysis. So when you come over we can go straight to the point and make it effective.


After understanding your goals and expectations we support you on considering : 

  • Key market criteria
  • Barriers to entry
  • Local sales
  • Delivery process
  • Local culture


Working closely with Küme company you’ll get all following information: 

  • A focus market study
  • A competitive analysis
  • A risk assessment
  • A clear market entry strategy
  • An action plan to enter te market


Being supported by a specialized agency help you minimize all the risks, and at Küme, we have a background in the following industry :

Furthermore speaking 5 languages and having effective contacts in the previous industry in the 5 continents we’re together putting all the chances on your side for the perfect step forward.

If you need any kind of support in a global sales strategy feel free to contact us too!