SEO (Search Engines Optimisation) refers to the process of affecting the online visibility to improve the visibility of a website in a web search engine.  We are talking about SEO for natural ranking. Conversely, we are talking about SEA (Search Engine Advertising) for paid marketing model. SEO and SEA are the tools that ensure you to be found easily on internet searches engines by having a good ranking.

As the you can notice in « website page », a website, however beautiful it may be, wont appear in the top search result. A real SEO strategy is fundamental to be visible.

Natural ranking, SEO (Search Engines Optimisation)

The natural ranking (or organic ranking) of your website constitutes the base, the foundations to be visible on search engines. We offer you the support to improve your ranking on the engines. You should also know that, while creating a new website, we do optimize it SEO-wise. However, there are other ways and best practices to improve this ranking, including social media and others. (See our dedicated page).

We usualy proceed as follows:

  • Audit: highlighting malfunctions, proposing actions
  • Implementing actions
  • improving continuously : content management, SEO analysis with specialized tools, linking…

> Paid marketing, SEA (Search Engine Advertising)

Paid marketing model is all about search engine advertising. The main idea is to buy advertising space that is targeted by keyword(s). Most paid ads are made via the google tool, adwords. Are you on sales period? Launching a new product? Experiencing a particular business operation ? Do you want to boost the traffic on your website at a particular time ? It is notably through the Adwords tool that our team can carry out campaigns to generate additional traffic on your website.

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