> Quantitative studies:

Who? When? Where? How? These are all questions that you may ask yourself both at the start of your activity and while already settled! This is why we set up tools such as questionnaires, surveys, panels in order to compare with on-the-ground reality.

> Qualitative studies:

Do you know why your competitor make more sales than you do? Why customers prefer its products? Together, we can determine those elements and together redress the balance!

“analyses as close as possible to reality…”

> Market analysis:

Do you want to set up in a new region? A new country? Across the Atlantic or elsewhere? What is the size of the market? Its value? Its distribution channels? Understanding those factors is essential to the success of your business. Between experience and knowledge we do know how to guide you.

> Competitve Analysis:

Are you starting a business and therefore have very little information about competitors? Is your market segment a niche or will you face multiple competitors? Do you want to find out who your competitors would be? We are able to offer you a complete assessment on those questions and many more.

> Customer Analysis:

Who are your customers? How do they buy? He or she? You can’t sell effectively your product if you don’t know your target! Hence we can support you to analyse it so it will no longer be a secret for you!

Küme also offers you detailed answers to questions remaining unanswered and impacting your business. We turn numbers into understandable data and draw you the path to success you deserve.

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