Küme crosses borders

As part of its international development, Küme has signed a quality partnership with a German colleague. This is illustrated by the following article published in the German press, of which here are some excerpts.

The collaboration had started in 2011 between a member of Küme and Stefan Bee, founder of BMS.

The objective of this partnership is to help French-speaking companies in their exports to Germany and vice versa.

“According to Anthony, general manager of Küme, the French culture is different, and a product known and sought after in Germany can be rejected in France or perceived with different enthusiasm. The way of thinking in France is different in many ways. A German company, which is targeting France as an exporting country, acquires local contact with BMS. Küme’s presence in France will thus make it possible to avoid any mistakes on the export route…”

Let us not forget that the multi-cultural aspect plays a fundamental role in any export strategy. Germany is France’s leading trading partner! Don’t underestimate this market.

Any export project?

Read the full article here!